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Tripe Noodles

This completely carnivore replacement for noodles that takes advantage of diverse, nose-to-tail eating. Tripe, which is beef stomach, has a much more mild taste than you might expect!


- Slice pre-washed smooth tripe into thin pieces about the width of rice noodles.

- Cover the tripe slices with water in a pot. Bring the water to a boil and then reduce to a simmer.

- Simmer for two to three hours.

- Strain the noodles.

These steps can also be done for the last two to three hours of making bone broth if you will be eating your noodles in broth.

Tripe is an ingredient in some Vietnamese and Mexican foods such as pho and menudo. It has a very mild flavor and a consistency similar to a rice noodles. It even looks like rice noodles!

Eat tripe noodles in bone broth, such as spiced bone broth pho soup, or experiment and let me know what you discover!

My piece of tripe came in a very clean oval shaped piece with thin folds which easily sliced into thin noodles. You can find tripe for sale at Vietnamese and Mexican grocery stores and some standard American grocery stores, or ask a butcher for some! Most tripe is sold pre-washed, which is what gives it its white color and mild flavor. If it is not, follow instructions for washing your tripe like these. Tripe comes in different varieties such as smooth and honeycomb. Find a smooth, more solid type if possible.

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