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Christians pray for health and healing all the time.

Do you wish Christians in your community knew more about everything already provided in God's Creation for their wellbeing?


Truth About Food


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Christians eat every day.

Christians make decisions about food every day.

Are your church community's beliefs about food helping them get healthier, enjoy God’s gifts and learn about Him?

You're the teacher.

No expertise required.

You will be equipped with everything you need to teach a professional, organized, well-informed class.

The materials you receive include beautifully designed visuals with word-for-word talking points that you can either read or use as a guide.

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Created by Kat Owens,

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

This class is the accumulation of my experience investigating nutrition for 10+ years, teaching dozens of classes, receiving feedback, and considering Christians' needs.

Good nutrition has had a significant impact on my life and my family's: I've healing my own digestive, skin, and blood sugar problems, allowing myself to avoid unnecessary medications, expenditures, and limitations. My children are health and happy and we all richly enjoy our food! 

I want Christians to be able to use their Biblical worldview to cut through the depressing, confusing, contradictory, and constantly  changing messages from our culture about food, and this class is my solution.

But people are usually reached most effectively by their own communities and the individual experiences of those they know personally- that's where you come in!


3-part class

Three one-hour lessons. Ideal for a multi-week class or one-day seminar

Single class

One 1.5-2 hour lesson. The same materials, abbreviated

Don't know? That's OK. You'll have access to both and the facilitator guide will help you plan the right class for you and your audience. You can use these materials to facilitate a class in-person and/or online.

Class Outline

Go, eat your food with gladness, and drink your wine with a joyful heart.


​Part I: The world vs the Word

  • Worldly beliefs about food that contradict God's Word

  • Enjoying food and taking care of our bodies at the same time

  • How food can help us serve others, know God and live out Biblical wisdom

Part II: Death for Life

  • Biblical principles for permitting meat

  • The Gospel

  • The science of eating meat for good health

  • The history of false religious influences on food, beliefs and dietary guidelines

  • Modern takeaways from the Old Testament dietary laws

  • Solutions in Creation for environmental and animal welfare concerns

  • Organ meats: 'God's multivitamins'

Part III: Dominion

  • A Biblical foundation for distinguishing healthy and unhealthy food

  • Fat, sugar, salt, grains and dairy: separating the healthy from the unhealthy

  • How food choices may make it more difficult to live out aspects of Biblical wisdom

  • Traditional food preparation methods

  • Antinutrients

You may eat any animal that has a divided hoof and that chews the cud.



fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth


It's not the meat, fat, sugar, grains, or dairy themselves that are the problem.

It's what's been done to them when dominion has not been exercised well over God's Creation.

I'm here to help!

You can contact me any time during your planning, preparation, or wrap-up. I can provide you with customized promotional materials, planning assistance, or answer participant questions.

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Class materials include



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  • Talking points for every visual

  • Facilitator guide

  • Draft emails

  • Customizable promotional materials

  • Beautifully designed visual presentation

  • Study guide

  • Additional resources packet

  • 100+ scientific references

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Will I be able to use the course materials if I don't have Microsoft Office?

Yes! All files are saved as a .pdf, .pptx, or .docx but the Facilitator Guide includes information on how to open these files in other programs, including just a web browser.

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You don't just get materials for the class itself!

Your Facilitator Guide will walk you through inviting attendees, promoting your class, choosing your class format, accepting payment to cover your costs if you choose, and preparing to teach.


What if I purchase the materials and my class doesn't work out?

If you can't get enough participation or some other factors prevents you from teaching your class, you will be able to contact me for a refund.

Despite being less likely to smoke and drink, Christians are no more likely to describe themselves as 'very healthy' than non-religious people¹

For too long, Christians have ignored healthy eating because of past associations with non-Christian movements, letting those groups lay claim to what was Created by God, and only to have their diets and beliefs unknowingly shaped by false religions, atheistic worldviews, and centralized industries that don't honor God's Creation.

"As a Christian and a homemaker I have been striving to make better choices for my family when it comes to nutrition, especially since I myself have chronic health conditions.


The mainstream information out there is so misleading and I really appreciate the biblical truth and substantial research behind Kat’s information. The course had a lot of great information and practical applications of how to make impactful changes.


Kat is a wealth of knowledge and lives her life as a great example of biblical nutrition and what that looks like. God truly did create all we need!"

-Casey P.             


"For God is not a God of confusion but of peace."

1 Corinthians 14:33

Rather host a class that I teach?

Sometimes bringing in an outsider is a more effective way to introduce a community to a new idea!

I love teaching this class and am willing to consider in-person or online classes based on number of participants, desired date, and location. 

Price is considered on a case-for-case basis but I keep it as reasonable as possible. I currently live in Utah and Montana but am willing to travel.



All facilitator and participant course materials for 3-part

or single class

Purchase the Course Materials

Once you register and pay through this form, you will receive an instant download link of all the course materials directly at the bottom of this form. You will also receive a confirmation email with a link to access them. The confirmation email will arrive immediately, please check your junk folder if it does not arrive.

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Or contact me below with additional questions!

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