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Keto works for Keto Start-to-Finish participants! See what they are having to say.


2020 Participant, Chicago IL

"I loved it- I am someone who lives to understand the details and having all that knowledge makes me want to stick to it. Also, having the sessions forces you to stay on track and be accountable...


The [e-course] was exactly what I needed to kick-start a commitment to eating healthier and exercise.  Kat made eating low-carb seem sustainable- not a diet, but a lifestyle- and so far it has been! I’m down 17 pounds in 3 months, but more importantly, I feel better and have more energy than I’ve had in years!"



2019 Participant, Brea CA


“I stayed the course with your program and am 100% a believer... Started at 238 lbs and I'm down to 217 lbs in a matter of 5 weeks by just following the [Keto Start-to-Finish] guide. At times I even tried to over eat and my body wouldn't let me. The transformation in 5 weeks has been amazing.

The biggest part that has helped me is understanding how the process works and the misconceptions about how we have been told to eat and exercise. Other than the home renovation work, I have not been exercising yet the weight is coming off, energy is up and I just feel better...

I just got some of my annual physical blood work results back. My overall cholesterol went down from 272 (high) to 190 (normal), triglycerides from 300 (high) to 106 (normal). This one really shocked me, HDL from 33 (low) to 45 (finally in the normal range, used to be down in the 20's a few years ago), vitamin D from 16 (low) to 55 (finally normal). I'm not out in the sun anymore, actually I've been indoors more. It's all the diet.

The best part is I was also taken off my cholesterol medication. I'm just so happy to see a diet (and it's not really a diet because I don't feel restricted at all) that shows physical results and now I have the science aka blood work to back it up. My doc... even re-ran my blood work because of the drastic change and they came back with less than a 2% variation...


Additionally, I didn't realize how bloated I felt from my original daily consumption of approximately 300-400 grams of carbs a day. I've had to tighten up my watch band, went down a belt loop and although the shirt is still a little snug, I can actually fit into a large shirt...


Zero exercise and lots of trips between relocating to Southern California from New Jersey, trips to Texas for work and managing my rental properties. Even with having to eat out a lot more than I like (Kat was right, you can still eat out and find good choices), I have still maintained a downward trend weight wise.

I can't wait to start incorporating an exercise program to increase strength and see how my body responds...


I really hope more people can participate in your program because you make it relatable but more importantly, you make it very easy to understand the science of why it works to the average every day person. I never felt like anything was over my head unlike some programs out there. I really do wish I had taken a true before pic but I didn't expect for my body to react so well to this program...

Again, I cannot thank you enough."


“Fasting while eating keto has been made much easier after this."

Mark, Little Rock AR


“I am more stable in my food choices than I have ever been on any diet program."



I liked how low pressure it was. [KSF] really made it feel like it wasn’t an all or nothing approach... made it seem like something I could realistically work on in the real word where variables are always going to arise... it’s nice to know I can do it in any setting.


I haven’t gained, I’ve lost every week."

Callie, Nashville TN


I am someone who lives to understand the details and having all that knowledge makes me want to stick to it.


Having the sessions forces you to stay on track and be accountable."

Ali, Chicago IL


“This was me, the guy who would eat two loaves of bread and a 30 count of tortillas in a 5 day span. I never thought I would be able to break this habit but I did because of [Keto Start-to-Finish] teaching me what the right type of foods can do to eliminate cravings, control hormones and improve health."

Alex, Brea CA


Under the supervision of my OB, I successfully held off unnecessary pregnancy weight gain with [KSF]!


In previous pregnancies, I would have added at least 15 lbs over the same time period."

H.B., Wichita KS


“Realizing the impact of each little carb that I eat and how it works against weight loss... weighed in at week one 194 lbs. Today 181 lbs. Starting to look studly again. This was so helpful in understanding the reason low-carb works."

Bree, Maryland


"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for allowing me into your program. Now that I've been on the new food plan for 10 days I have noticed a huge change in appetite and energy. I'm less hungry and the mid afternoon low-energy, need a nap feeling is gone.


What surprised me the most was losing 11 pounds over these last 10 days, down to 224 from 235. I didn't think that was possible that quickly."

Alex, Brea CA


The program provided a way to gain knowledge to eat more deliberately, avoiding troublesome foods.


It also provided a network of accountability and a great instructor!"

Don, Nashville TN


“YOU made low-carb lifestyle a choice that I could do! Very realistic approach to food choices that didn't make me feel like I was strictly confined to limited food choices... I was able to break my processed food/ sugar habits and now don't even have those cravings. 

I lost 6 lbs and wish I had taken measurements. I feel less bloated, don't have heartburn/acid-reflux feeling anymore. Plus, I am completely satiated with the foods I am eating following the low-carb guidelines."

S.S., Tampa FL


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